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The Sherlockian Chronologist Guild

Though it would seem like such a simple task, putting sixty stories of Sherlock Holmes in the order that they occurred is a puzzle to confound even the most intelligent mind. The omissions and seeming errors by John H. Watson leave many questions unanswerable by pure logic. And the quest for solutions past a certain point is forever pushed into the realms of art and theory -- the result? Making those only answerable on a personal level. Like the song said, even "if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."

As the decades have passed, many Sherlockians have waded, swam, and dove deeply into this flow of time between 1880 and 1914. Many of those works are now hard to find, and new theorists enter the field at every turn. The Sherlockian Chronologist guild hopes to provide resources for current members of that order to keep up, and guidance for those wanting to jump on board and get up to speed quickly.

Look for a few basics on this site, and turn to our monthly PDF newsletter for ongoing research and gathering of useful data for the Sherlockian chronologist.

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