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About the guild.

The Sherlockian Chronologist Guild was formed in January of 2021 after years of discussion between various Sherlockians in that rare sub-hobby of Sherlock Holmes study. Its genesis could be traced back as far as Vincent W. Wright starting his blog "Historical Sherlock" in 2014 and that event being hailed by at least one fellow chronologist on the web for its potential to raise a Sherlockian community. Eventually a 2017 "Historical Sherlock" post actually suggested the idea, and got some interest from a few more folks working in the field. Life, and especially Sherlockian life, being a very busy thing, the idea languished for a few more years until fellow blogger and one-time chronologist for the Hounds of the Internet, Brad Keefauver, raise the idea with Vincent once again during the 2021 Sherlock Holmes birthday weekend. The call went out again, and the society was born.

Membership in the Sherlockian Chronologist Guild is self-assigned. There are two basic levels of membership, public and private. If you decided you are a Sherlockian chronologist, want to be a member of the guild, and tell no one, you are officially a private member. If you have accepted Sherlockian chronology as a life choice and wish to go public with that choice, you can become a public member. If you make contact with another public member of the guild who informs the publisher of our newsletter and web content, your name will be listed on our public membership roster along with your official member date designation.

Member date designations may be chosen from any point in the partnership of Sherlock Holmes and John H. Watson by new public members. Highly significant, undisputed dates like May 4, 1890 and August 2, 1914 are not allowed, so it is recommended the choice be as personal and obscure to others as possible -- a conversation starter, if you will, that shows your investment in the chronology of Holmes and Watson, a date that you enjoy explaining the significance of.

Pre-guild Chronological blog posts by founding members

December 20, 2017

Historical Sherlock

Vincent Wright proposes organizing a Sherlockian chronological society and comes up with the name of the eventual newsletter, partially inspired by a Sherlockian clock club in a post entitled "A Big Helping of Maybe With A Side Of Perhaps."

June 18, 2016

Sherlock Peoria

Brad Keefauver fantasizes about a society of chronologists, leaning heavily on Doctor Who metaphor, but not sounding very hopeful about it in a post called "The society of time." 

November 21, 2014

Historical Sherlock

Vincent Wright raises the question of definitive chronology from the start of his "Historical Sherlock" blog.

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