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Full Chronologies

H.W. Bell

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Chronology of Their Adventures by H.W. Bell, originally published in 1932 and reprinted in 1953 and 1984.


Ernest Bloomfield Zeisler

Baker Street Chronology: Commentaries on The Sacred Writings of Dr. John H. Watson by Ernest Bloomfield Zeisler, with preface by Vincent Starrett, originally published in 1951 and reprinted in 1983.


Paul Thomas Miller

Watson Does Not Lie: A Chronology of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson by Paul Thomas Miller was originally published in 2019.

SCG PTMillerDoesNotLie.jpg

Brad Keefauver

"A Basic Timeline of Terra 221B" by Brad Keefauver was originally published on the web in November 2001, and republished in 2017.


John Hall

"I Remember The Date Very Well": A chronology of the Sherlock Holmes stories of Arthur Conan Doyle by John Hall was published in 1993. 

SCG HallRememberTheDate.jpg

Andrew Jay Peck, later with Leslie S. Klinger

"The Date Being ---?" by Andrew Jay Peck was first published in 1970, with a 1973 supplement, then expanded and revised with the help of Leslie S. Klinger in 1996. Not an original chronology, but a collection of the dates of previous chronologies for those without access to the others.

SCG PeckKlingerDateBeing.jpg

D. Martin Dakin

A Sherlock Holmes Commentary by D. Martin Dakin was published in 1972 and rolls through the entire Canon to comment on each of the sixty tales, putting dates to them along the way.

SCG Dakin Commentary.jpg

Jay Finley Christ

An Irregular Chronology by Jay Finley Christ was published in 1947, and reprinted in the 1980s.

SCG JFChrist.jpg

William S. Baring-Gould

"New Chronology of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson" by William S. Baring-Gould was published in two issues of The Baker Street Journal in 1948. His The Chronological Holmes, published in 1955, was used in both his 1962 Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street and The Annotated Sherlock Holmes.

SCG BaringGouldSHofBS.jpg

C. Alan Bradley and William A.S. Sarjeant

Ms. Holmes of Baker Street: The Truth About Sherlock by C. Alan Bradley and William A.S. Sarjeant was published in 1989 and is primarily concerned with Holmes's gender, but sets up its own timeline along the way.

SCG MsHolmesOfBS.jpg

Charles Layng

The Game Is Afoot by Charles Layng was published in 1995 and contains three chapters titled "When Things Happened" where he assigns dates to the cases.

SCG LayngGameIsAfoot.jpg

Roger Butters

First Person Singular: A Review of the Life and Work of Mr. Sherlock Holmes, the World's First Consulting Detective and His Friend and Colleague, Dr. John H. Watson by Roger Butters was published in 1984.

WCG Butters Chron.jpg
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